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How Mobility Improves Sales

Sales people with access to mobile technology – to email, databases and other relevant information – offer shorter sales cycles, better customer service and faster and more efficient communication. Field sales and on site meetings benefit enormously from the sales force having technology at their fingertips. It allows them access to contact information, meeting times and background information, and allows them to access data the customer may need in order to move forward and agree the transaction – from catalogue lists to up-to-the-minute price lists.

Alamein’s mobile data technology has wide-ranging applications that will help to make the sales force’s day run smoothly and efficiently. From logging on in the morning, it can provide a list of sales meetings for the coming day, maximising efficient travel arrangements between jobs and providing satellite navigation to improve journey times.

During meetings, sales executives can access data regardless of their location, so in a customer’s office or workplace or at an agreed meeting place, making it easier to complete transactions and close the deal there and then.

Electronic signatures can be taken when the deal is complete, and the automatic relay of data back to the office cuts down on extensive paperwork, removing the need for the salesperson to fill in countless order forms at the end of the working day. Between meetings, new sales calls can be made, backed up with relevant data, allowing more appointments to be fixed, and possibly followed up, without the need for a return trip to the office, or a follow-up call later in the day.
Two-way communication allows the sales executive to relay data back to the office, allowing managers to see at a glance the results of the day in the field, how each salesperson has done and what follow-up action may need to be taken.

In essence, Alamein’s technology allows sales people to use time more efficiently, to close deals quicker and thereby reduce the cost of the selling process and increase cash flow. It also means your most experienced salespeople can do more selling in less time. As time and efficiency become more crucial to the effective running of a business, mobile data technology offers the perfect solution.