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The PDA has been locked from the menu. Tap & hold the menu button for 4 seconds to release. Later versions of Mobile Client use the Windows Mobile lock function.

From File Explorer check that the Storage Card is accessible. If not try re-inserting or replacing with a known working item.

This indicates that the Mobile Client has lost connection with the service. Move to an area of data coverage and check the status of the SIM from the phone screen is registering on the network.

Refer to Support PDAs section on Support website for latest.

Right click the unit and choose ‘Show Driver’ from the pop-up menu to display it. Alternatively if the icon is a Square or Triangle then the last-known GPS position has timed out.

Currently we are focussed on delivering rich, secure business applications running on business devices & operating systems. We support Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows CE platforms and devices. The former is evolving into Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 which has a long support commitment in the business marketplace from Microsoft until 2020.

A triangle icon indicates that the unit has no GPS signal. This can happen for normal reasons such as the unit being inside or under cover. If it occurs for pro-longed periods it is likely that the settings have been changed to put the device into sleep mode. Alternatively it may be a problem with the GPS hardware itself.

This information is available to view using the Monitor Playback application. The Monitor is for real time fleet position view & status only.

This signifies that you have lost connection with the Monitor Server. Restart the Monitor Server and Monitor in that order. If that fails check network connectivity between the PCs.

We have identified and integrated to a new SatNav provider called Sygic. The application can be integrated with mobile-data systems and is regularly updated with latest maps available.