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Alamein has been providing intelligent mobile data solutions to answer the challenges of  the mobile workplace since 2000. We extend mobile capability to existing office systems with our hosted job despatch and messaging capabilities, combined with our field data capture, resource tracking and satellite navigation capabilities.

Our flexible, paperless solutions synchronise field workers with their office colleagues in real time. Both are kept regularly informed of each other’s progress on operational tasks, while critical information is electronically updated in your office system.

Our solutions deliver a wide range of benefits to our customers, including:

  • Improved workforce efficiency. The use of accurate and up-to-date information between the office and the field enables higher work volumes, improved working environment and reduced training needs and service disruption.
  • Reduced costs. Alamein’s services enable you to measure and manage the use of operational resources in real-time, resulting in the effective management of your workforce and a reduction in expenses such as fuel.
  • Enhanced customer service. Through your knowledge of the status and whereabouts of your mobile workers you can keep your customers updated of the impact on the delivery of their service.
  • Provable legislative conformance. Capture key information that demonstrates your adherence to your Duty of Care responsibilities.
  • Lessened environmental impact. Reduce or eliminate the use of paper-based systems, and reduce the usage of fuel.

Our solutions are delivered through a robust, scalable, failsafe architecture supported by our future-proof methodology. Proven within the UK and internationally, our solutions enable organisations to stay in control of their mobile work-forces.