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Job Despatch

Send work items to your remote workers, and manage their progress

Whether you are a taxi company managing passenger pick-up’s and drop-off’s, or a courier company managing parcel collections and deliveries, Alamein’s mobile solutions give your despatchers the real-time information needed to make effective operational decisions.

Your remote workers receive new work items (jobs), sent by despatchers from the booking system, on their Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), and are then able to record important updates (e.g. picked up, on route, delivered etc.) which are sent back to the booking system and presented to the despatcher in real-time for action. Each update is both time and geo-stamped enabling full audit if required.

The architecture of Alamein’s mobile solutions provides support of different user job types simultaneously, for example enabling a driver providing both taxi and courier services to use a single mobile device to accept and progress both job types seamlessly, with different forms and workflows defined for each.