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Increase revenues

Alamein’s solutions deliver improved operational efficiencies, which enable businesses to service more customers with existing resources and generate increased revenues through those customers. Improving customer satisfaction will help to generate increased repeat business and referrals.

Reduce Costs

Manpower and fuel are just two of the significant costs involved in running a remote worker operation. Alamein enables businesses to optimise the effectiveness of remote workers, reduce the admin involved in managing remote workers, and reduce fuel costs through improved driver behaviour, use of best fit resource aided by vehicle tracking, and use of optimal routes through satellite navigation.

Increase Productivity

High productivity can only be achieved when the business has a high level of visibility of the status, location and activities of the remote workforce. Alamein enables businesses to make effective decisions through ensuring that key operational information is available at all times, allowing remote workers and assets to be effectively managed. Alamein’s mobile workforce solutions allow for the reduction or elimination of paperwork and costly data entry errors.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A high level of customer satisfaction can be a significant sales benefit for your business, and is typically determined by the timely and reliable arrival of the appropriate resource to deliver the required service. Alamein enables businesses to ensure that the right resources are despatched to the customer to arrive at the right time, and to keep the customer updated at each stage of service progress.

Comply with Legislation

There is an increasing demand on businesses to demonstrate that they are complying with legislation such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act and the Working Hours Directive. Alamein enables its customers to capture auditable proof (time- and geo-stamped) of their employee’s actions, and to generate management reports to allow key information to be presented and reviewed. Alamein also enables businesses to monitor individual driving styles and thereby promote safer driving, and to monitor and manage employee’s working hours.

Increase ECO profile

Taking a green approach can deliver significant benefits to your business, as well as to the environment. Significant cost savings can be made through optimising the use of vehicles to reduce unnecessary mileage, improving fuel consumption and reducing the carbon footprint. Alamein enables you to capture and analyse vehicle and driver behaviour and performance, and to use that information to deliver ECO improvements and cost savings for your business.

Improve Management Visibility

In order to manage your business effectively, you need access to information that allows you to monitor and manage your resources and assets effectively. Alamein presents key operational information to you in real-time and through historic management reports, that puts this information at your fingertips