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Saving the planet and cutting costs…

An executive chauffeur company has just become the first UK representative for an international environmental organisation – thanks in part to one of the country’s leading specialists in mobile technology.

Alamein has been working with UK Chauffeur Network to improve its green credentials to become part of the Green Ride Global network by supplying and maintaining its cost-effective IT tracking solution – TrakSave.

TrakSave is designed specifically for organisations that use vehicle fleets – chauffeurs, couriers, taxi companies, car ambulances – and uses ‘black box’ style technology to allow managers to check the locations of vehicles at any time of the day or night. This gives real-time reporting to allow for efficient route planning and job allocation – a crucial way to reduce mileage, and therefore use less fuel to cut costs and become more environmentally friendly.

“Our solution has given UK Chauffeur Network the ability to monitor journeys and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their fleet,” explained Alamein Director, Aston Clarke. TrakSave gives exact locations of vehicles, allowing managers to allocate jobs to the nearest driver – therefore creating a more time and cost-efficient service to benefit both the employer, the customer and the environment.”

UK Chauffeur Network has been delighted with the performance of the system and CEO, Lance Dooley believes it has helped considerably to achieve their ambitious and aggressive environmental programme.

“We have created a Corporate Environmental Policy that addresses the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of all aspects of our business,” he said. “Through our partnership with Green Ride Global, we have implemented an Environmental Management system that is ISO 14001 compliant and not only includes strategies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from fuel consumption, but also from electricity use, supply purchases, waste disposal and employee travel.

“Our goal is to achieve a 20% reduction in emissions over the next 5 – 10 years. We are proud to announce that we have already made a saving of 15% on fuel costs – thanks to TrakSave – and have also seen improved driving skills, as drivers know that vehicles are tracked and they are now more conscious of speed limits and their personal mileage.”