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TrakSave… Does what it says on the box!

Alamein has just launched ‘TrakSave’ – a cost-effective IT tracking solution that is now being showcased to potential customers across the UK and North America.

Designed specifically for employers that use vehicle fleets – couriers, taxi companies, car ambulances –
TrakSave uses ‘black box’ style technology to allow managers to check the locations of vehicles at any time of the day or night.

“We are launching this at a time when all businesses are looking very carefully at expenditure and examining any outlay to be certain that it will bring rewards,” said Alamein Director, Aston Clarke. “Saving money in these sectors usually means reducing mileage – therefore minimising fuel and running costs by careful route planning and monitoring usage are the most obvious areas for cost reduction. ‘TrakSave’ gives fleet operators the ability to view all vehicles and identify exact locations – allowing the nearest worker to be despatched to any given job, therefore creating a more time and cost-efficient service to benefit both the employer and the customer.”

TrakSave provides real-time reporting for managers to signal breaches of predefined working regulations – for instance, exceeding speed limits, using the vehicle out of work hours or driving in pre-selected geographic areas.

“The solution is flexible and adaptable and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual customers,”added Aston. “It’s easy to install and will function with most existing operating systems. Thorough testing of TrakSave has shown a significant reduction of ‘empty’ miles and improved customer service as travel times can be accurately estimated – we are delighted with the results.”

TrakSave can be transferred between vehicles, comes with a 3-year warranty and full support package as standard.